Scotch and Politics- Homemade Rock and Rye

Hi friends. How is everyone feeling today? Nervous? Anxious? Worried? In the election season that felt like it dragged on forever, we are a little more than 24 hours from the end (or the beginning of the end?). You know that scene in Austin Powers when all the lady robots short-circuit? That’s what my brain feels like right now- like it can’t quite manage the anticipation and influx of information (This does not compute, Dave….). But if you’re anything like me, you’ll be glued to your television tomorrow, waiting with baited breath, the results of the election season that has truly taught us the meaning of “never say die.” .

And who are we kidding, we’re all gonna need a drink in hand while watching those results role in, perhaps something a little stronger than usual. So here are some light hearted links for your reading pleasure and a recipe for homemade Rock and Rye to help you and I get through the next 24 hours, whatever the outcome may be.

A much needed reality check from Seth Meyers on the actual choice Americans will be making tomorrow.

Thank you to the fine folks at The Onion for sharing a few tips and tricks for dealing with social anxiety…”Have you tried running? Running worked for Jeff.”

This week in great podcast episodes, an oldie but a goody as a couple of Reply All staffers decide to try microdosing.

A breakdown of the 2016 election cycle in food and drink.


Homemade Rock and Rye (courtesy of Valet):

In a large mason jar combine a small orange (quartered) and a lemon (cut in half) with the skin on.
Add 12 whole cloves, ½ cup of sugar, and a cinnamon stick.
Pour in a 750ml bottle of rye and seal.

The folks at Valet recommend letting this infuse for 2 weeks. We found the 5 days actually works quite well. Strain contents through a cheesecloth and enjoy!