Bottom Of The Barrel- Matt Benevoli

Bottom of the Barrel- where questionable spirits get a helping hand from some very skilled bartenders! Last time we paid a visit to Rod Redford at The Diamond where he was tasked with creating something out Palm Bay Key Lime Cherry. Up next is Matt Benevoli of Nomad Restaurant who was recently gifted a bottle of Russo Pistachio Cream.

Matt took this challenge by the horns and created something that’s not only palatable but that he’s really quite proud of (as he should be). It’s nutty, it’s effervescent, it’s original and it’s damn tasty! Benevoli suggests that this drink is best enjoyed while listening to it’s namesake song- Speak No Americano. Enjoy!

Speak No Americano

40ml Russo Pistachio Cream Liqueur
30ml Marquis De Villard VSOP French Brandy
10ml Alvear Medium Sherry
7.5ml Lemon Juice
7.5ml Wild Blossom Honey Syrup
1 egg white
Tonic Water

Dry shake all ingredients minus Tonic, add ice and shake well. Double
Strain into short Collins glass. Add Tonic Water to shaker, swirl with ice and pour over head of cocktail.

Garnish with pistachio dust on froth.