Bottom Of The Barrel- Rod Redford

Bottom of the Barrel- where questionable spirits get a helping hand from some very skilled bartenders! Last time we paid a visit to Mike Shum of The Lobby Lounge where he was tasked with creating something (ANYTHING!) out of the shimmering vodka-based spirit known as Viniq. Up next is Rod Redford of The Diamond who has was recently gifted a bottle of Palm Bay Spirit- Key Lime Cherry…..

The best compliment I can give this cocktail is that I drank it all. It was like smoky blue Kool-Aid and I could have slammed three of them sitting poolside. If you’re in the hood, pop by The Diamond and ask Rod if he has any leftover Palm Bay. Something tells me he’d be happy to whip one of these bad boys up for you.


1oz Palm Bay Key Lime Cherry
1oz Mezcal
0.75oz Benedictine
0.25oz Blue Curacao
0.25oz Lime juice

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled class.