Bottom Of The Barrel- Martin Corriveau

Bottom of the Barrel- where questionable spirits get a helping hand from some very skilled bartenders! We last left off with Carolyn Yu at Revel Room as she went toe-to-toe with a big ol’ bottle of Sambuca. 


Carolyn has passed the honour of our next BOTB to La Mezcaleria’s Martin Corriveau as he takes on the challenge of chocolate flavoured wine. Trying the wine on its own first, I was amazed at what Martin was able to do with this rather difficult ingredient. Incorporating raspberry syrup into the recipe seemed to be the key to elevating this cocktail- a true homage to the hero of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


The Bartender: Martin Corriveau
The Ingredient: Chocolate Wine
The Cocktail: Charlie Bucket



1½ oz Chocolate Wine
½ oz poitín
½ oz Rossbacher
½ oz raspberry gum syrup
¼ oz lemon

Stir ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled coupe.