Bottom Of The Barrel- Buck Friend

Last week we featured the fifth instalment of our Bottom Of The Barrel Series- a collaborative effort between Two For The Bar and Joann Pai of Acorn Mag in which we challenge craft bartenders to use not-so-craft ingredients to create a new cocktail.


Last week Amber Bruce found a way to make Green Apple Sour Puss palatable with Granny’s Little Secret. Amber called out Buck Friend of Clough Club and threw down our first non-spirit ingredient- Peeps (yes, I mean the yellow bird marshmallows your parents use to give you for Easter).


Bartender: Buck Friend
The Ingredient: Peeps
The Cocktail: Death To Peeps

45ml Remy Martin VS Cognac
15ml Creme De Cacao
20ml Cointreau
10ml Averna
A pinch of Citric Acid
2.5ml saline solution
Garnish with Strawberry Peeps Foam (recipe below) and a toasted peeps head.

Shake all ingredients over ice. Double strain into a coupe. Served with a foam float and garnish with a toasted Peeps head.

For The Foam:
100ml strawberry juice
1 tbsp Sugar
8 peeps

Melt peeps intro strawberry juice over low heat. Chill in the fridge prior to serving on cocktail.


Buck describes his creation as a savoury cocktail just in time for Easter. When asked what was the hardest part of using Peeps, he simply said “Everything.”