The Obligatory New Years Resolution Post

Call it cliche. Call it overdone. Call it optimistic and naive. But regardless of what you call it, here is the obligatory New Years Resolution post. January 1st always reminds me of the first day of school. I enter into the new year with the same amount of motivation, energy and optimism as I did as a student. Papers and projects will be done on time (if not a week early), I will complete all assigned readings without skipping a page. I will study for tests weeks in advance and I will go to the gym everyday.

But inevitably January 7th rolls around. I’m already behind on readings and the only exercise I’ve done is the walk from the couch to the kitchen to fetch myself another Oreo. So this is where the blog comes in handy. There is something about public declarations of goals that provide a little more accountability. I’m hoping that by sharing my resolutions here for all to read, perhaps I will be more likely to follow through. So welcome to the first (hopefully annual) Two For The Bar New Years Resolutions!

1) STOP NEGLECTING MY BLOG! Blogs can be tough. I have just as much passion for this project as I did from day one. But sometimes I have difficulty motivating myself to sit down and write. So this year I want to commit to writing at least one post a week! Consider this my first. Fifty-one to go!

1.5) INCREASE READERSHIP. This is somewhat related to goal #1 (hence #1.5). I’m pretty terrible at self-promotion. It makes me feel awkward and vulnerable. This blog has been here for a year and I’ve told some people about it. I’ll occasionally post it on my Facebook page. But I’m pretty sure that my mother is my only faithful reader. I will attempt to do a little more shameless self-promotion (even if it turns me into an awkward, rambling shell of my former self) and perhaps by the end of the year, I will double my faithful readership base.

2) TRY NOT TO BE A SLAVE TO MY PHONE. I have a habit of incessantly checking Facebook and Twitter and texting and posting on Instagram. The Hubs and I have had many a conversation about my penchant for taking photos over dinner and posting them immediately. We’ve discussed the constant hunger for stimulation and how this affects one’s ability to be present, to connect and to just enjoy. I’m going to work on that (sidebar- Louis C.K. does an amazing bit on our cell phone obsession. Check it out here.)

3) LEARN TO PLAY “WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEARS EVE?” ON THE UKULELE BY DECEMBER 31ST, 2014. This goal is 100% inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel in this video. Watch it and you’ll understand.

4) READ MORE TOTAL PAGES THAN BLAIR. The Hubs and I have a friendly wager ($1,000,000) to see who can read more over the course of this year. As he insists that he consistently reads longer books than I, we are determining the winner by total pages read rather than number of books. You’re going down sucka!

5) EAT (AND DRINK) ALL THE THINGS!! Last year was filled with so many exciting meals and cocktails. From Vancouver to Montreal to Portland to Seattle to Detroit I had some of the very best culinary experiences of my life. I want to ride this food and drink momentum well into 2014. I want to make it a priority to eat well, to try new things, and to indulge in old favourites.

6) CONTINUE TO DO THE THINGS I LOVE. 2013 was a really special year for me. I found so much happiness and contentment in doing all the things I love. I made so many connections and close friends just by sitting at a bar and striking up a conversation. Let 2013 be a reminder to me to continue to do the things that make me happy in my heart and to be thankful everyday for that happiness.

I’m sure there are many more goals that will come to mind seconds after posting. But that’s ok. I have 51 more posts in which to share them. I wish you all a very happy and bright New Year and may you have a most excellent 2014. Cheers!