A Celebratory Scotch…..or Three.

Did I mention I married the same man twice? Because I did. The man that puts the “two” in Two For The Bar agreed to marry me on two separate occasions. The first time was on a beautiful, warm, August day in Portland, Oregon. The second was on the absolutely rainiest day in recent memory in Vancouver, BC. A late September downpour would not stop us though because on the 11-year anniversary of our very first kiss, we said “I do” for the second time and meant it every bit as much as the first.


As you can imagine, anniversaries are a bit of a tricky matter in our home for a number of reasons, the most obvious of which is that every year we have two of them. To make matters even more complicated, this year I wasn’t going to be in town for the second. Not that three years of marriage is monumental, but I usually like to mark the occasion with a card or a cocktail (and if I’m feeling really ambitious, sometime both). So while I knew I wouldn’t be around for the actual day of, I decided to celebrate with a few friends, some whisky, and a return to the site of our second nuptials.


It felt appropriate that on this mid-September Monday, the rain had been coming down in buckets, reminiscent of our wedding day 3 years prior. We made the trek to West Vancouver to the home where our friends and families gathered to celebrate. We were greeted at the door by our whisky ambassador for An Evening with Johnnie Walker.  Awaiting us was a beautiful spread of chocolate and strawberries and, of course, all of the whisky.


Now if only this is how all of my Monday evenings were spent. We were guided through a whisky tasting that led us from 1820 to present day, that hinted at gentle notes of caramel and tobacco and explored the nuances of blended scotch. We were all left reminded that whether on the rocks, neat or water back, personal preference is always the best way to enjoy your whisky. On a cool fall evening, sitting in the same house where we gathered three years prior, sipping scotch in good company- there really was no better way to celebrate.


Thank you to Johnnie Walker and JONES Voice for sponsoring this post. Check out the @johnniewalkerca hashtag for additional information on the Johnnie Walker Mentorship Program or click here to request your Evening with Johnnie Walker.